About Us

Our mission is:

To support parents through miscarriage, stillbirth, grief and healing by providing information, local doulas, counselors, and an online community.
To advocate with doctors, midwives, and the general public for awareness and sensitivity, and to teach them how to best support us in our losses.

Our Current Goals:

  • To have a doula in every state of the USA by April 2013
  • To have doulas in all major metropolitan areas by the end of 2013
  • To get pamphlets or postcards into prenatal care providers’ offices by the end of 2013

Our name:

Amethyst is the birthstone of February. Several of the founders had losses or due dates in February, but we also liked the connection to Valentine’s Day, and the love that we have for our angel babies.
Amethyst is also the name of a little girl–a sister to one of the founders–who died in infancy. It was that founders’ first experience with death and loss.
Amethyst the gemstone “is a meditative and calming stone. It works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace.” It has been traditionally used to “help heal personal losses and grief. Amethyst has a gently sedative energy that promotes peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. It also brings emotional stability and inner strength” [link].

Our Logo:

The colors of amethyst (light purple) and indigo (dark purple) were chosen because of the angel sister and angel daughter who also carried those names.
The heart shape symbolizes our love for our little ones, and also the love we share as we support each other through our losses. The hearts are broken, showing our sorrow, but one encircles the other, providing support and shelter.
The footprints, of course, represent our sweet little ones lost.

About the founders:

Jenni Brighton is a mother of four angels (miscarriages ranging from 5-15 weeks gestation) who felt very alone though her losses and wished there was a better support system in place. She began blogging about miscarriage in 2007 and her post about “how to help when someone miscarries” gets frequent google hits. Jenni came up with the idea of a doula network after watching a geographically-distant friend struggle through a loss in August 2010 when she was not close enough to help. She googled “miscarriage doula” and found Molly’s recent blog post, and then wrote one of her own about her NPO idea. Kimberlee, Molly, and Jena all responded, and Michelle joined the team shortly thereafter. Jenni’s baby sister Amethyst, who died of SIDS, was the inspiration for TAN’s name. Jenni lives in Alaska with her husband and their three boys.

Michelle Evans recently experienced her first loss at 16 weeks into the pregnancy. She was fortunate enough to have a wonderful support system of awesome friends, including one who had recently been through a very similar experience. She feels the need to support others who are going through this unfortunate experience so they know they aren’t alone. She also feels the same as others, in that her experience wasn’t “just” a miscarriage, but an early birth, and couldn’t get over how similar it was to “real” birth and how strong and deep the feelings surrounding the experience are. Michelle lives in Illinois with her husband Justin and their two living children, and they hope to add to their family when the time is right.

Kimberlee Kenner is a toLabor (formerly ALACE) trained doula and a volunteer photographer and area coordinator with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.  After loosing her baby girl, Indigo during pregnancy,  Kimberlee wanted to find a way to honor her memory.  When the opportunity for the Amethyst Network presented she hoped this was that opportunity.  Through her work with NILMDTS she had already noted a need for doulas supporting women and families through the loss of their baby.   Kimberlee has miscarried several babies and miscarriage support is close to her heart.  Kimberlee lives in Utah with her five children.

Molly Remer has been certified as a childbirth educator since 2005 (ALACE, ICEA, CAPPA) and holds a master’s degree in social work with an emphasis in family and children’s services and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Molly is married to her wonderful husband Mark and they have two living sons. In November of 2009, they lost their third son after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Molly was struck with the intensity, depth, and reality of miscarriage as a birth event and during the physical experience of laboring and birthing her tiny son, she wondered, “where are the miscarriage doulas?” (and wrote a subsequent blog post to this effect). She then experienced a second miscarriage in February of 2010. Molly blogs about miscarriage at Footprints on my Heart.

Jena Vincent is a West Coast native with a great love of crafts, natural healing, and all things to do with mamas and babies.  As a massage therapist, she specializes in pregnancy, postpartum, and infant massage education, running a private practice in Northern California since 2004.  As a doula, she trained through DONA in 2008 and will soon receive additional training through Birth Arts International.  Jena came to The Amethyst Network in the hopes of helping to make a difference for families in times of crisis and fostering greater public support for understanding pregnancy loss.

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