Amethyst Stories ~ Pagan stories of miscarriage and loss (we don’t have any yet, we hope you will share yours)

Paganism includes a wide variety of paths, and so some of these things may not be applicable to you, however we hope that they will help you in your grief, and help you find a personally-appropriate way to respond to the loss of your baby.
For some pagans, a belief in reincarnation may help ease the pain of loss; for others the cycles of life and death may give little comfort in the midst of grief. Regardless of your beliefs about where your baby came from or is now, we hope you can find what you need here.
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Ideas for rituals or ceremonies:

Additional ideas (which may or may not be included as part of a ritual):

  • Name the baby
  • Get a special piece of jewelry, perhaps with the baby’s birthstone
  • Plant a tree or other plant
  • Write a letter to your baby, and burn it so that the smoke can carry your words to him or her
  • Write a poem or a prayer or the story of your pregnancy
  • Envision your baby as a person
  • Donate to a charity, especially one that helps mothers or babies
  • Get a tattoo
  • Light a candle
  • Name a star

Goddesses or Gods to invoke:

  • Lilith
  • Hecate (goddess of crossroads, transitions, and the veil between life and death)
  • Persephone (goddess in the underworld)
  • Demeter/Ceres (who was changed by the loss of her daughter)
  • Cailleach (goddess over death and winter)

Helpful books:

Helpful links (especially look at the comments on the blog posts):

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